APC, APC Partner Portal

Connecting Airlines,
Training Organizations and Pilots... Worldwide

The APC Ecosystem is a network that unites airlines, training organizations, and professional pilots with a shared vision of advancing aviation careers.

Technology driven solutions for Airlines and Training Organizations to recruit and train high quality pilot candidates.

ATS Partner Platform

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) -
State-of-the-art technology utilizing AI reporting to enable Airlines and Training Organizations assess and manage candidates and qualified pilots through their career pathways.

Our ATS Partner Platform is a best-of-breed, cloud-based recruitment management, applicant/member tracking and workflow management system.

Commercially available for over 2 decades – now enabling The Airline Pilot Club to provide Airline Lead Generation and Recruitment System Services.

APC, APC Partner Portal

Trusted worldwide by leading Aviation organizations

The Airline Pilot Club (APC) has garnered global recognition and trust from premier aviation organizations, reflecting our commitment to excellence in pilot recruitment and training. Our approach, centered on integrating advanced recruitment and training methodologies with sustainable career development strategies, has set a new standard in the aviation industry.

We are delighted to join forces with the Airline Pilot Club and Captain Andy O'Shea and its team in this development program, which will enable us to shape a robust pilot selection and training process for the future. APC's commitment to the highest standards aligns perfectly with our goals, making them an ideal partner for this project."

Captain Mandoza

VP Training of Avianca Airlines

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