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APC's vision is to transform the aviation industry by providing innovative, inclusive, and high-quality recruitment and training solutions

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Our Vision

APC’s vision is to transform the aviation industry by providing innovative, inclusive, and high-quality recruitment and training solutions that address the global pilot shortage, promote diversity and sustainability, and empower candidates to become high performance airline pilots through its freemium platform.

Mission Statement

APC’s mission is to equip pilots from diverse backgrounds with the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to become highly qualified professionals. Through its innovative freemium platform and strategic partnerships with quality-assured flight training organizations and airlines, APC provides accessible and inclusive recruitment and training programs that address the global pilot shortage. By leveraging their platform and commitment to diversity and sustainability, APC aims to empower candidates to pursue their dreams of becoming high performance airline pilots while upholding the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and ethics.

Senior Management Team

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Capt. Andy O'Shea


Andy O’Shea, the CEO of the Airline Pilot Club (APC), was Head of Training in Ryanair for 18 years. He selected and trained over 10,000, newly licenced pilots to become safe and effective airline pilots. He chaired the EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group that introduced the APS MCC to the training industry. The Airline Pilot Club is a community of aspiring pilots, qualified pilots, ATOs and Airlines. APC’s purpose is to connect quality assured students with quality assured ATOs and introduce both students and ATOs to recruiting airlines.

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Anthony Tolman


Anthony Tolman is a seasoned professional in the tech industry, currently serving as CTO of the Airline Pilot Club. Previously he was the UK Head of Development at Pixid UK & Ireland, focusing on Amris ATS and Pixid Screening since April 2021. Before this role, he was a Technical Consultant and then Technical Director for Amris ATS, demonstrating his extensive experience and leadership in technology development. His career includes over two decades of experience in software development and management.

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Cedric Paillard


Cedric Paillard, with a career spanning high-tech industries and aviation, has led multi-million dollar projects globally. His work with technologies like 4G and Big Data, AI combined with his aviation accomplishments as an Airline Transport Pilot, showcases his diverse expertise. Paillard holds degrees in Electronics and Wireless Communication Engineering. His unique blend of tech savvy and aviation skills underline his dynamic leadership and innovative approach.
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Roisin O'Shea


Roisin O’Shea, Operations Manager for The Airline Pilot Club since August 2019, brings a wealth of experience from diverse roles. Previously at Sky4u Aviation Service Berlin, she developed her skills in media marketing, social media, and administration. Roisin played a crucial role in promoting The Airline Pilot Standard (APS MCC) program. Her journey also includes journalism and retail management. Her background in marketing, alongside her aviation management expertise, highlights her multifaceted capabilities.
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