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Smart Recruitment – Combining Proven & Innovative Technical Solutions

Avianca Symbiotics Case Study

The Client – Avianca

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Symbiotics were delighted to be approached by the Airline Pilot Club (APC) on behalf of Avianca to support them in streamlining their recruitment campaign.

Avianca is the largest airline in Columbia and is the flagship of a group of ten Latin American airlines – these operate as one airline using a code sharing system.

The Need

Avianca sought backing with their vision of creating a cultural profile of the optimum Avianca pilot in support of their pilot recruitment programme selection process.
The airline has been anticipating significant growth, with plans to take delivery of new aircraft, and therefore anticipated increases in the number of pilots and instructors that are required.

The Solution

APC deployed their software platform within Avianca. This platform enables candidate profile build, delivery of training and other resources, publishing to job boards, reviewing of applicants, setting up of communications, testing of candidates and scheduling interviews. The platform also aides with selection by culminating a series of data points to produce a map of candidate suitability.
To support Avianca with their vision of creating a cultural profile of the perfect pilot, Symbiotics sought to create an Optimum Profile to be included within APC’s tracking system. The Profile looked at Job Description, Organisational Culture, Skills and Attributes of the role, training syllabus and challenges against the backdrop of the national educational standards and culture of Avianca and its requirements.
This information was then analysed and mapped against 64 ADAPT behavioural profiles, along with any key competencies, attributes, attitudes, and skills that would inform the selection process. Doing this helps to ensure that the right candidates are being identified who would not only be competent pilots or maintenance operators, but also good employees who would provide a sufficient length of service to maximise the Airlines Return on Investment.

The Outcome

1,800 candidates were input into the recruitment process. All candidates were qualified pilots with varying levels of experience and recency in their flying activity.
These were originally filtered down through an English language assessment and technical suitability interview. As part of this, APC through their applicant tracking system, recruited 20 interviewers across a 6-week period, where 3 data points were created – these included: quality of English, suitability from a cultural and personality perspective, and suitability from a technical point of view.
At this stage, 620 candidates then underwent the Symbiotics Optimum Profile, including Knowledge tests: Cognitive Reasoning, Future Aptitude Selection Tool (FAST) and ADAPT Personality Questionnaire (APQ) to produce a further 35 data points.

Client Satisfaction

Across the entire recruitment campaign, 49 data points were produced and analysed with APC’s applicant tracking platform and AI. A heat map was created which highlighted high-standard candidates at the top and those with competency development issues towards the bottom.
This process clearly identified who should be recommended to the Airline with the likelihood of having a succesful, safe, and efficient career.

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