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APC’s search engine will be a powerful device for Airline Recruitment Partners, filling cockpits with diverse, type rated, and/or experienced Pilots from all regions of the world.

APC ATS Overview

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by APC includes various features that enhance the recruitment process.

partner with APC, APC Partner Portal
partner with APC, APC Partner Portal
partner with APC, APC Partner Portal

ATS Features & Benefits

APC’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Platform is a best-of-breed, cloud-based recruitment management, applicant/member tracking and workflow management system which enables APC to provide Airline lead generation and recruitment system services.


  • Improved efficiency of quality of hire
  • Reduce costs and time to hire
  • Improve visibility and compliance
  • World class security (ISO27001 certified)
  • Improve candidate experience/enhance employer brand
  • Seamless webiste integration
  • Fast deployment, first class support
  • Out of the box, modular, fully configurable
  • Multilingual
  • Integrated campaign and end-to-end solution

ATS Sample Functionality

  • Social Media and Job Board integration
  • Permission based ( SU, HR, HM, agency portals) + access control
  • Authorisation (vacancy and offers)
  • Application screening (killer questions, SJT Scoring etc)
  • 3rd Party Psychometric Testing & Video Interviewing
  • Filtering (from simple to complex)
  • Self-booking interviews and assessments
  • Offers and onboarding
  • Screen platform (References, DBS, RTW etc)
  • 3rd Party HR System integration
  • API

Candidate Selection Process

The selection process is a multi-stage procedure that begins with an initial pool of applicants who meet certain specified requirements.

Candidates are then selected for further evaluation, which includes online interviews and language proficiency assessments. Successful candidates from this phase move on to a comprehensive psychometric and knowledge testing stage.

The next phase involves practical assessments using flight simulators. Finally, a select group of candidates is recommended after the simulator assessments.

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