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Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) can partner with APC for diverse and sustainable growth

ATO Recruitment Solutions

ato partnerships, APC Partner Portal
ato partnerships, APC Partner Portal
ato partnerships, APC Partner Portal

ATO Partnership Benefits

The partnerships facilitated by APC, particularly those between Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs) and airlines, offer a plethora of benefits tailored to meet the diverse needs and strategic objectives of both entities.

APC ATS Overview

The APC Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application designed to assist Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) in managing the recruitment process.

This system is designed to increase efficiency, improve the quality of hire, and ensure a smooth recruitment process for both ATOs and candidates.

ATS Features & Benefits

  1. Candidate Sourcing: The ATS facilitated the sourcing of candidates by posting job vacancies on various platforms and collating applications in one central system.
  2. Application Management: The system allows ATOs to receive and sort applications, often categorizing them by different criteria such as experience, qualifications, and skills.
  3. Communication Tools: The ATS Has built-in communication tools to engage with candidates, schedule interviews, and provide updates on their application status.
  4. Assessment Integration: The system might integrate with assessment tools or platforms to evaluate candidates’ skills and suitability for pilot training.
  5. Interview Scheduling: It streamlines the interview process by scheduling candidates and providing necessary details for both interviewers and interviewees.
  6. Collaborative Hiring: The ATS supports collaborative hiring efforts by allowing multiple stakeholders to provide input and feedback on candidates.
  7. Compliance and Reporting: The system ensures that the recruitment process complies with industry regulations and standards and would generate reports on various metrics for analysis.
  8. Candidate Experience: A focus on candidate experience ensures a streamlined and user-friendly application process, improving the brand image of the ATO.
  9. Onboarding: After successful recruitment, the ATS also facilitates the onboarding process of new trainees.

Candidate Selection Process

The selection process is a multi-stage procedure that begins with an initial pool of applicants who meet certain specified requirements.

Candidates are then selected for further evaluation, which includes online interviews and language proficiency assessments. Successful candidates from this phase move on to a comprehensive psychometric and knowledge testing stage.

The next phase involves practical assessments using flight simulators. Finally, a select group of candidates is recommended after the simulator assessments.

Case Study

ato partnerships, APC Partner Portal

APC – Elevating ATO Standards and Enhancing Pilot Career Prospects

APC’s innovative approach to auditing and enhancing ATO standards represents a significant advancement in aviation training. By addressing the quality disparities among flight schools and aligning training outcomes more closely with airline needs, APC is making a substantial impact on the global aviation industry.

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