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Strengthening Aviation Excellence with APC

The Airline Pilot Club (APC) is dedicated to advancing the quality of pilot training and recruitment.

We partner with leading Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) and airlines, ensuring that our programs exceed regulatory standards and equip pilots with the skills needed for today’s aviation challenges.

partner with APC, APC Partner Portal
partner with APC, APC Partner Portal
partner with APC, APC Partner Portal

Partnership Types

There are several strategic partnerships types between Airlines and Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs) that APC has either facilitated or is part of.

APC facilitates various strategic partnerships between airlines and ATOs, focusing on quality assurance, operational excellence, and strategic recruitment. These partnerships are designed to bridge the gap between pilot training and operational needs, ensuring pilots are well-prepared to transition smoothly into airline operations.

This Mutual Success Model within partnerships between The Airline Pilot Club (APC), Aviation Training Organizations (ATOs), and Airlines revolves around a symbiotic relationship where each party benefits from the success of the others.

partner with APC, APC Partner Portal

Strategic Partnership Benefits

Through the integration of technologies like AI and SaaS Platforms,
APC revolutionizes pilot training and recruitment:

Our continuous assessment and predictive analytics improve training outcomes from the recruitment stage.

We offer scalable and flexible training solutions, ensuring each pilot’s training is personalized and regulatory-compliant.

Our use of AI and psychometric assessments helps develop tailored learning paths for pilots, focusing on areas most beneficial for their career development.

Our integrated recruitment services connect airlines with highly trained pilots, simplifying the recruitment process and ensuring optimal matches.

APC’s use of integrated AI and SAAS Platform technologies ensures that aspiring pilots receive the best possible preparation, making them ready to meet the challenges of modern aviation and excel in their careers.

For more information on partnership opportunities or to learn more about our services, please contact us at

ATS Platform Access

Leverage the power of AI driven solutions with our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Platform.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by APC includes various features that enhance the recruitment process. The platform:

  • Maintains a database of highly qualified pilot candidates.
  • Provides tools for streamlining the hiring process.
  • Offers Reverse Hire Functionality, ensuring that partners get the best candidates for their needs and company culture.
  • Connects ab-initio candidates to flight training organizations and airlines, providing a smooth and efficient experience for both parties.
partner with APC, APC Partner Portal

Discover more about APC’s comprehensive solutions in aviation training and pilot recruitment.
Contact us for partnership opportunities and join us in shaping the future of aviation excellence.

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