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APC is a leading organization in aviation training and recruitment, committed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of pilot training through innovative methodologies such as Performance-Based Evidence Training (PEBT) and strategic partnerships with airlines and Approved Training Organizations (ATOs).

APC offers various strategic partnerships including:

  • Strategic Recruitment Partnerships
  • Quality Assurance and Training Enhancement Partnerships
  • Innovative Development and Wellbeing Partnerships
  • End-to-End Recruitment and Training Partnerships
  • Operational Excellence and Safety Partnerships

APC integrates advanced technologies such as AI and SaaS platforms to streamline both training and recruitment processes. This approach not only optimizes training outcomes but also improves recruitment efficiency, ensuring pilots are well-prepared for modern aviation demands.

Performance-Based Evidence Training (PEBT) is an advanced form of Evidence-Based Training (EBT) that focuses on real-time performance data to ensure pilots develop essential competencies for airline operations. This method emphasizes practical skills and outcomes over traditional time-based metrics.

The APC EBT/PEBT Optimization Suite is a specialized set of tools and methodologies developed by The Airline Pilot Club (APC) to enhance and optimize the implementation of Evidence-Based Training (EBT) and Performance-Based Evidence Training (PEBT) within pilot training programs.

Airlines can benefit from APC’s partnerships by accessing a pool of airline-ready pilots, enhancing the quality of their training programs, and ensuring their training and recruitment processes are aligned with industry standards for safety and efficiency.

APC collaborates with organizations like Welliba and Resilient Pilot to support pilot wellbeing through comprehensive health and safety programs. These initiatives focus on mental and physical health to maintain high performance and safety standards in aviation.

The Airline-Ready Pilot Pool is a selection of pre-screened pilots who have been trained specifically to meet the operational needs of airlines. This resource allows airlines to efficiently find and recruit pilots who match their specific requirements.

APC utilizes AI-driven solutions and SaaS platforms to enhance the recruitment process and tailor training programs to individual needs. This technology enables dynamic adjustments to training based on continuous performance assessments, fostering a highly adaptive learning environment.

Airlines, flight training organizations, and any entities involved in aviation training and recruitment can contact APC to explore partnership opportunities. To enquire about partnership possibilities please contact us here.

If you have any further questions about  partnership opportunities please contact us here.

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