Airline Pilot Club Announces Airline-Ready Pilot Pool

Airline Pilot Club Announces Airline-Ready Pilot Pool

Airline Pilot Club

Dublin, 05/12/2023

The Airline Pilot Club (APC) unveiled its latest initiative, the APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool, an advanced aviation recruitment and training solution to significantly streamline the path from training to cockpit for aspiring pilots. APC will announce the names of its airline partners soon, marking a milestone in airline pilot recruitment and training.

The APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool program aligns pre-screened, well-trained cadets and direct-entry type-rated pilots from selected APC flight training partners with APC partner airlines which are recruiting.

Key Features of the APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool:

1. Streamlined Path for Pilots: The program simplifies the journey for aspiring pilots, from zero hours to licensed, type-rated professionals, through a structured and comprehensive process.

2. Integrated Technology and Best Practices: Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the APC end-to-end recruitment / training / placement process guarantees a consistent standard of excellence through high-quality, efficient, and standardised processes.

3. Comprehensive Candidate Preparation: Candidates undergo a rigorous preparation process, including psychometric testing, tailored courses, and mentoring by the APC team, ensuring they are airline-ready.

4. Quality Assurance: The APC team meticulously evaluates training performance, leveraging AI and data analytics to ensure only the most qualified candidates make it to the Airline-Ready Pilot Pool.

Upcoming Airline Partnerships:

The APC has agreed partnerships with major airlines, which will be made public shortly. These partnerships will provide direct employment opportunities for candidates in the Airline-Ready Pilot Pool, benefiting both aspiring pilots and airlines.

A Message from the APC Team:

“We are proud to launch the APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool, a solution that reflects our dedication to quality and innovation in aviation training,” said Andy O’Shea, APC CEO. “This initiative will not only streamline the recruitment process for airlines but also open up unparalleled career opportunities for aspiring pilots.”

About The Airline Pilot Club (APC):

The Airline Pilot Club is renowned for its commitment to excellence in pilot training and development. With a focus on bridging the global pilot shortage, APC provides aspiring pilots with the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed in the competitive aviation industry.

For more information about the APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool and upcoming announcements, please visit

Contact Information: Roisin O’Shea –

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