Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Sevenair Academy Join Forces to Streamline Pilot Training.

Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Sevenair Academy Join Forces to Streamline Pilot Training.

Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Sevenair Academy Join Forces to Streamline Pilot Training.

Published: 08 November 2023

A Pioneering Partnership Set to Redefine the Future of Aviation Education

8th November 2023, Cascais, Lisbon

In a collaboration that promises to reshape the aviation training landscape, the Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Sevenair Academy are thrilled to announce their partnership. This alliance is poised to unlock opportunities for aspiring aviators, flight training organisations, and the airline industry.

Elevating Aviation Dreams: Benefits for APC Members
For APC members, this partnership will connect them an outstanding global flight training school with unrivalled l resources and training culture. With Sevenair Academy’s reputation, members can now embark on their aviation journeys with the confidence that they are training with the best. The academy’s comprehensive courses and world-class facilities provide an ideal environment for APC members to realise their dreams of becoming exceptional pilots.

Beyond the exceptional training, APC members will also benefit from enhanced networking opportunities. Sevenair Academy’s extensive industry connections will open doors to mentorship, career guidance, and potential employment with leading airlines, ensuring that APC members are well-prepared for the future of aviation.

A Brighter Future for the Airline Industry

The airline industry stands to gain immensely from this alliance. As APC members graduate from Sevenair Academy’s top-tier programs, airlines will receive a pipeline of well-trained, skilled, and highly motivated pilots. This not only addresses the industry’s growing demand for pilots but also ensures that airlines have access to a pool of talent that is ready to take on the skies.

A Shared Vision

What unites APC and Sevenair Academy is their shared vision of transforming aspiring aviators into safe and effective pilots. By working together, they aim to empower individuals with a passion for aviation to achieve their dreams while elevating the standards of pilot training across Europe.

This partnership is a testament to APC’s commitment to its members’ success and to the aviation industry’s growth. It signifies a bold step forward in the journey towards a brighter and more vibrant aviation future.

About Airline Pilot Club (APC)

Airline Pilot Club (APC) is a leading aviation industry consultancy dedicated to shaping the future of aviation. APC provides a range of services, including pilot recruitment, training, and industry insights. With a vast network of aviation professionals and a commitment to excellence, APC is a trusted partner for airlines and aspiring pilots.

About Sevenair Academy

Sevenair Academy is Europe’s premier pilot training academy with over four decades of experience. Located in Portugal, Sevenair Academy offers integrated and modular ATPL(A) courses, along with a range of other aviation training programs. With a fully dedicated aeronautical campus with unbeatable weather conditions, state-of-the-art fleet and world-class instructors, we provide an environment where aspiring pilots can thrive and are trained to develop the right set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Sevenair Academy is committed to creating the next generation of aviation leaders.

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