The Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Aero Locarno Renew Partnership for Outstanding Pilot Training

The Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Aero Locarno Renew Partnership for Outstanding Pilot Training

Aero Locarno

Renewed Partnership for Outstanding Pilot Training

[Dublin, 14th August 2023] – The Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Aero Locarno are thrilled to announce the renewal of their quality assured partnership, reinforcing their shared commitment to delivering top-notch pilot training in Europe. Building on their successful collaboration, Aero Locarno has worked closely with APC’s team of airline training experts to enhance its training standards, ensuring they align perfectly with the requirements of leading airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, and Transavia. As a result, APC members and aspiring pilots can expect unparalleled training quality when choosing Aero Locarno for their aviation career.

Confidence in Aero Locarno’s Excellence

Founder of APC, Andy O’Shea, expressed his confidence in Aero Locarno, stating, “Aero Locarno is renowned for its competitive pricing and precision pilot training. With an impressive 98% student qualification rate, and 63% of graduates quickly securing positions with leading airlines, Aero Locarno offers an exceptional training experience and excellent job prospects. The launch of APC Mentored ATPL at the end of September will further elevate employment opportunities for students, as APC’s expertise in airline recruitment, operations, and training provides the ideal introduction to the airline pilot career.”

Aero Locarno’s Commitment to Excellence

Captain Stefano Buratti, CEO of Aero Locarno, added “We are honoured to be part of the community and to have been chosen by APC for its Mentored ATPL course. We know that our on-time training together with the high standards delivered by Aero Locarno are appreciated by the aviation market: having them combined with the quality, the oversight and the network of APC will clearly make our cadets excellent professionals and employable pilots, with unique competencies that will set them apart from other students.”

Exclusive Flying Experience for APC Members

To celebrate the exciting news of APC and Aero Locarno’s renewed partnership, Aero Locarno is offering APC members an exclusive opportunity to experience the thrill of flying with complimentary flying experience trips around the picturesque Lake Maggiore and the majestic Swiss Alps!

Contact Information

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About Airline Pilot Club (APC):

The Airline Pilot Club (APC) is a leading provider of comprehensive pilot recruitment and training solutions for aviation professionals. With a strong focus on talent development, APC offers a wide range of services, including attraction, training, onboarding, and long-term professional development. By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, APC aims to revolutionise pilot training in the aviation industry and empower aviation professionals throughout their talent journey.

About Aero Locarno:

Aero Locarno is a prestigious flight training organisation based in Switzerland, renowned for its competitive pricing, precision pilot training, and stunning location near Lake Maggiore and the Alpine region including exposure to the busy Milan TMA. With an exceptional track record of student success and close collaboration with leading airlines, Aero Locarno provides a world-class training experience for aspiring pilots.

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