EBT/PEBT Optimization Suite

The APC EBT/PEBT Optimization Suite is a specialized set of tools and methodologies developed by The Airline Pilot Club (APC).

The suite focuses on implementing Evidence-Based Training (EBT) and Performance-Based Evidence Training (PEBT) to enhance and optimize pilot training programs.

Utilizing AI and SAAS Platform technologies, APC ensures that aspiring pilots receive the best possible preparation, making them ready to meet the challenges of modern aviation and excel in their careers.

Key Components of the APC EBT/PEBT Optimization Suite

Benefits of the APC EBT/PEBT Optimization Suite

Through the integration of technologies like AI and SaaS Platforms,
APC revolutionizes pilot training and recruitment:

By focusing training on identified needs and gaps, the suite ensures that training time is used more efficiently, speeding up the training process without compromising on quality.

With training tailored to specific competencies and continuous performance assessments, pilots are better prepared to meet the challenges of modern aviation environments.

By optimizing training programs to focus on necessary skills and reducing unnecessary training time, airlines can save on training costs while still producing top-quality pilots.

Our integrated recruitment services connect airlines with highly trained pilots, simplifying the recruitment process and ensuring optimal matches.

The APC EBT/PEBT Optimization Suite is an integral part of APC’s innovative approach to aviation training, reflecting our commitment to using advanced technologies and methodologies to improve the quality and efficiency of pilot training. This suite not only supports the practical needs of training but also aligns closely with strategic recruitment goals, providing a comprehensive solution for modern aviation challenges.

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