Training Programmes

APC integrates selection, recruitment and training footprint for pilot candidates, which is a comprehensive pathway to ensure the proficiency and fit of pilots within the airline's operations.

Training Programmes, APC Partner Portal

The process begins with ab-initio Training, where APC monitors the first 200 hours of training on single-engine aircraft single pilots. This foundational training prepares candidates for further assessments.

Candidates then undergo an APC Interview where their English proficiency, cultural fit within our airline partners, and technical knowledge are evaluated. Successful candidates proceed to the APC Psychometric Assessment, which includes Symbiotics assessments to measure industry standard competencies.

Following the interview and assessment phase, candidates continues their training thru the ATPL Course (knowledge and practice) which APC monitors and coach. Multiple progress exams are conducted to contribute to the final selection.

Consequently, the aircraft system course specific to the airline partner is provided online. This course includes several progress exams to ensure thorough understanding of the aircraft’s systems and operations.

Next in the sequence is the APS MCC Course, focusing on CRM/MCC operations, air carrier administration and operations, jet operations, and other relevant competencies. The APS MCC is a significant step and must be successfully completed for candidates to be considered for final selection for our airline partner. Following the successful completion of the APS MCC, candidates are hired.

This structured footprint ensures a holistic training and selection process, enabling a smooth transition from novice to airline-ready pilots, aligning with airlines’ high standards and operational requirements.

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